Mike D’s Blog: Running My First Marathon

I started this journey alone but this weekend I’ll finish it with over 30,000 people running alongside me. 

I’ll be running my first marathon this Saturday in Nashville. It’s crazy to me because I never set out to run a marathon. I started running a few years ago as a way to get healthy and lose weight.  My goal was to be able to run a mile without stopping. 

Now here I am just a few days out. I know I’m ready for it...but I can’t help but feel a little nervous. It’s as if every step I’ve taken has brought me here...

Every time I woke up early while others slept. Every time I pushed myself to go the extra mile when I didn’t think I could. Every time I got caught in the rain while out on a run and felt like giving up. All of those moments have brought me here.

We can’t help but get jitters before a big event. Whether it’s a job interview, first day going back to school, or a competition. 

All we can do is remind ourselves that we’ve already put in the work necessary to get us to this point. Then give it your all. Always aim for 100 percent. That way at least you can look back and know you did your best.

I posted this picture yesterday and just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the encouraging comments! It means a lot when you share your own fitness journey with me too. Really gave me the last push I needed for the race!

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