I ran my first marathon on Saturday which is something I NEVER thought I would be able to do. 3 years ago, I was 120 pounds heavier and could barely run a mile. But through eating right, exercising and putting in hundreds of miles...I was able to do it! 

I felt great throughout the race. It wasn’t until around the 18 mile mark where I made a dumb mistake. I was so in the zone that I missed the split in the course between the half and full marathon runners...so I ended up crossing the finish line early. 

I had to make a loop around, run through some barricades and get back caught up on the marathon runner side. So that added about a mile to my race...haha. 

But not too long after I ran by Amy and Morgan cheering me around the 20 mile mark which helped a lot. 

The last 6 miles were the toughest. That’s where I felt the real race started. The sun was beating down on me, I was covered in sweat and running out of gas. But I never stopped. At each checkpoint from there I would splash a cup of water in my face and keep going. One mile at a time.

As I got close to the finish line, I heard Nada and Lindsay cheering me on! The rest was a blur. I don’t quite remember them even placing the medal around my neck. They had to check me out by the medical tent just to make sure I was ok. 

After taking a seat, getting iced up, drinking a ton of water….I was all good! As I was being revived, I FaceTimed with Bobby (who was at Stagecoach in California) and I told him it was the first time I’ve ever really felt proud of myself. 

I feel like I accomplished something I never thought I would be able to do. Thanks to everyone for the support! It was a good day. 

WATCH: So cool to have everyone come out and cheer me on! 

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