Morgan's Blog: Why I Didn't Do Beer Bongs In College

Today I did something I NEVER thought I'd do. I attempted to funnel a beer, or a beer bong as the teens call it.

I got teased just a little on social media for admitting I'd never done one. People called me out on 'not living up my college days' when I had the chance. But the truth is, I feel like I DID live it up in my college days. Just...without the partying part. 

Here are the things I was busy doing in college instead of beer bongs:

#1) I spent a summer working at a National Laboratory in New Mexico:

placeholder image

As an English major at the time, it was a little out of my wheel house to be working with some of the greatest scientists in the country. Fun fact: We weren't allowed to have cell phones in the buildings there, had to go through 2 security check points every morning to get to my office, and there were armed guards all over the place. 

#2) Getting awards for being a #Girlboss:

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This picture is from Honor's Day at my University. I got an award for having the highest GPA in the college of fine arts. 

#3) Spent a semester studying in New York:

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I decided to leave Tennessee for 5 months of some of the BEST memories of my life. I spent the semester studying literature at Stony Brook University, taking the train to NYC to go watch Broadway plays, and take strolls through Central Park.

#4) Anchoring for my school's news channel:

When I got back to Tennessee, I changed my major from English to Broadcast Journalism and ended up landing a spot on my school's news channel. Fun fact: had radio not worked out, I'd probably be a reporter or Associate Producer for a news channel right now.

#5) Interning/Working for the show:

I interned for the show for a couple semesters before getting hired on as the phone screener my last year of college. Who has time for beer bongs when they have to wake up at 3am for work every morning?! #NotMe

#5) Graduating Summa Cum Laude:

I graduated college with a 3.99 GPA. Which meant my late nights were spent...studying! #NerdAlert

My point is, I don't regret how I spent my college years. To each their own. Mine got me where I am today, and I'm proud of that!