This was not a drill. John Mayer stopped by the studio this morning and we all geeked out quiteeeeee a bit, but especially Bobby.

The interview was incredible. They first talked about how he doesn't like to perform 'Waiting On The World To Change' anymore.

You'll never guess which song @johnmayer doesn't like playing anymore.

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Bobby also asked John about his dog, who apparently lives a better life than him.

The two also talked about the inspiration behind Amy's favorite song off the new album 'Still Feel Like Your Man' and the famous shampoo line.  

Check out the full interview with John Mayer below!

And all of the photos of John Mayer in studio!

Hanging with @johnmayer ....

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I made John Mayer a cup of coffee this morning β˜•οΈ

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Slow dancing in a BBS studio on a Tuesday morning with John Mayer. πŸ€—

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Remember way back to this morning when I met John Mayer......that was pretty legit

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