SPIN THE WHEEL: Someone Had To Eat Dog Food This Morning

Bobby brought up to the show that his dog Dusty has been eating a really expensive, nice dog food to help with his health after being diagnosed with a blood cancer. 

The dog food is Royal Canin and Bobby says Dusty goes crazy over the food so logically it has to taste good. So he brought 'the wheel' into the studio that held six names Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, Producer Ray and Morgan #2. 

If the wheel hit your name, you DIDN'T have to eat the dog food. Whoever was left... had to eat a spoonful of Royal Canin.

Bobby brought the challenge, it was only right that fate decided he win to eat the spoonful of dog food. 

If you want to watch that part again, on repeat, watch below.

There you have it. Bobby had to eat dog food this morning and it does NOT taste good.

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