Lunchbox Fake Proposed To Morgan #2 Twice For Valentine's Day

Every year Lunchbox goes out to do 'fake proposals' to see if he can get the entire place erupting in cheers or gasps. 

This year he brought Morgan #2 along with him for TWO proposals. 

  • One - she says yes. 
  • Two - she says no & rejects him. 

Here is the first proposal where an entire restaurant all stood up (and on chairs) watching the proposal and anxiously waiting for an answer. Then there were LOTS of cheers. 

Fake Proposal - Success

Check out a video that a bystander caught on camera... total stranger had no idea it was fake! 

Since the first one was such a huge success, we made the second proposal to be one where Morgan #2 rejected Lunchbox with a big NO. 

Fake Proposal - No/Fail

There you have it! We don't suggest fake proposals... real ones are much better for you!! Happy Valentine's Day!

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