What 24 Yr Olds Care About: You Can Now Buy A Pimple Popping Toy

Each day the youngest member of the show, Morgan #2 (our web girl) brings us something 24-year-olds care about right now. Todays story has to do with wild obsessions. 

Pimple popping is something we've all done (ok at least 99%). As much as people don't like to admit, we all love it. It's a really weird obsession that most of the world has at one point or another. And now there is a new toy that only cost $20 to help with this obsession. 

'Pop It Pal' is a slab of skin-like silicone, complete with open pores ready for you to squeeze just like a real pimple. They're available on like here on 'Pop It Pal.'

Be right back... going to buy one now.  

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