People Not Happy With Fergie's National Anthem At NBA All Star Game

Photo via Getty Images

The performance of the National Anthem at any event is always a big deal, especially if a well-known artist or group is performing the patriotic song. Although the performances are typically straightforward and direct, sometimes an artist will do a rendition that we love and sometimes they will do a rendition that we don't like at all. 

Fergie recently sang the National Anthem at the NBA All Star Game, a huge sporting event for basketball. 

Watch her performance below. 

On the topic of bad anthems, how bad (or good) do you think this rendition of the National Anthem from Fergie was? 

Most of the world is tilting towards not good... at all. Especially Twitter. Head over to our Facebook page and share your thoughts on her performance + see some great reactions from Twitter below. 

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