Jay-Z Spends $100K On Friend's Birthday Bar Tabs

What is the most you've ever spent on a bar tab? Maybe couple hundred and you felt super guilty for it?

Well we ask because Jay-Z is willing to shell out some serious cash at the bars, but only for his friends. Jay-Z went out in New York or a night of celebrating his friend and Roc Nation Sports President Juan "OG" Perez's 50th birthday. 

Page Six is reporting that the rapper and his friends made a lot of stops throughout the night starting with dinner coming in at around $13,000, a bar called Made in Mexico where he shelled out another $9,000 for cocktails. Then onto another bar where they ordered 40 bottles of Jay-Z's Ace of Spades champagne, bringing in that tab at around $80K + a $11,100 tip. 

Jay-Z knows how to celebrate a birthday! What a great friend. 

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