Amy's Pile: These Are The Hottest Accents In The World

A global study done by questioned 15,000 residents across 32 cities worldwide to find out about their dating habits. In this study, we found out the top 10 hottest accents in the world. 

American came in at #8. Not surprising as to us, we don't really have accents. 

Here's the full list: 

  1. 17% British
  2. 13% French
  3. 11% Italian
  4. 9% Irish
  5. 7% Spanish
  6. 6% Sscottish
  7. 5% Australian
  8. 4% American

Completing the top ten hottest accents in the world were Brazilian and Japanese. 

Photo via Getty Images | More on this study here.

I mean let's be honest, we've all attempted a British accent at least once in our lives... 

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