Amy's Pile: Parents Looking To Hire Sexpert To Give Kids “The Talk”

While talking to your kids about sex is never easy, one set of parents just can’t face the idea of giving their kids “The Talk” and they’ve found a way around it, and no surprise, it involves money. 

A couple in England have placed an ad on the website looking for someone to have “the talk” with their two kids and they're willing to pay close to $3,500. The listing says the parents have tried to talk to their kids, an eight-year-old girl and seven-year-old boy, but were unsuccessful and they don’t trust that the school will do a good job.

According to the ad, the parents want the sexpert to advise their kids “about the complexities of puberty, intimacy and consent” and talk to them about sex, rape culture, periods and masturbation, as well as gender topics like transgender and non-binary.

And while this may seem like an easy way for the parents to get out of an awkward moment with their children, they aren’t totally stepping out of the process. They do plan to be in the room when the sexpert is with their kids just in case they feel uncomfortable.

More on this story here | Photo via Getty Images

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