Man Forced To Pay $1,600 For Uber After He Fell Asleep In Back Seat

Kenneth Bachman was hanging out with his friends near West Virginia University's campus. At the end of the night, he ordered a Uber XL ride home - not to his memory - and fell asleep while inside the vehicle. His destination? Morgantown, West Virginia about 300 miles from his current location. 

And with that lengthy of a trip, the cost was high, coming out to be $1,635.93. The break down of the cost includes: 

  • $3.94 base fare
  • $2.35 booking fee
  • $696.95 for distance
  • $115 for time
  • + money for tolls 

Bachman had no choice but to pay for the entire trip because it was completed and he made it to his destination. 

More on this story here | Photo via Getty Images

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