McDonald's Record Holder Set To Eat His 30,000th Big Mac

Don Gorske is a retiree living in Wisconsin, you may recognize him from his brief appearance on the 2004 film Super Size Me. 

Gorske has eaten two Big Macs every day since May 17, 1972 and coming up on May 4th he will be eating his 30,000th Big Mac from McDonalds. He is the world record-holder for Big Mac eating and has vowed to not stop eating burgers from the fast food chain until the day he dies. 

Despite eating way too much fast food, 64-year-old Gorske's health is doing just fine. In case you're wondering, eating 30K Big Macs comes out to be about 10.5 grown cows. The cost of these Big Macs equals to be 5 cars or 16 grand pianos. 

So basically if you're thinking about eating some fast food any time soon, we think you'll be ok if this guy can eat 30K Big Macs and get away with it! 

Full story here | Photo via Getty Images

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