It's International Women's Day... So We Did Some Women's History Trivia

Today marks International Women's Day during women's history month. Bobby quizzed the rest of the show on women's history to find out who all knows some of the most notable female figures in our lifetime. 

Listen below to Bobby quiz the show!

Women's History Game

If you didn't quite catch all of the questions and answers, here's the full list for your women's history knowledge!

First woman to fly solo across the Atlantic: Amelia Earhart

The conductor of the Underground Railroad: Harriet Tubman

The first female black billionaire in the United States: Oprah

Sewed the first American Flag: Betsy Ross

The best selling female pop artist of all-time: Madonna 

(300 million albums sold)

Author of the Harry Potter series which is the highest selling book series off all time: J. K. Rowling

Known for her help to the Lewis and Clark Expedition...exploring the Louisiana Territory: Sacagawea

Photos via Getty Images

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