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The Big Announcement Revealed... With Lunchbox!

We've been talking about a huge announcement for the last several days. Each day the show was guessing how the announcement would impact everyone and if something was going on with Bobby. It turns out the big announcement had everything to do with Lunchbox, not Bobby!

At the time of announce, Bobby turned the tables to Lunchbox who made a really big announcement, one of the biggest in the show's career. 

Lunchbox and his wife are having a baby! He found out a few days after Christmas that his wife is expecting with a due date of August 29th. 

Watch below as Lunchbox shares the big news with the show & everyone gets all emotional. 

We are so excited for Lunchbox and his wife as well as the new BABY BOX that will be joining our crew! 

The crew and listeners were all super emotional with Lunchbox because he and his wife have been trying to conceive for over a year and a half. 

Congratulations to Lunchbox and his wife! Everyone couldn't be more excited for your new family!