March Madness Bracket Twist...Choose The TV Show That Wins

March Madness is officially in full swing. Games are starting tonight (March 15) and everyone will have officially filled their brackets out to predict the National Championship game and winner of the tournament. 

Today we took a twist on the typical brackets and had Bobby chose TV shows in a bracket. 

Who would YOU chose? 

  • Game Of Thrones vs. Walking Dead
  • Friends vs. The Office
  • Everbody Loves Raymond vs. King Of Queens
  • Scandal vs. House Of Cards
  • American Idol vs. The Voice
  • Survivor vs. The Amazing Race
  • Fresh Princes vs. Full House
  • Narcos vs. Ozark
  • Orange is the New Black vs. Stranger Things
  • Family Guy vs. The Simpsons 

Bobby Ultimately chose 'The Office' as the TV Show National Champion. 

We're glad these TV shows aren't the actual March Madness bracket because this was hard to put these up against each other! 

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Contenido patrocinado

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