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Bobby Bones Makes First Appearance On American Idol

Bobby Bones made his first appearance on the television series American Idol as the top 24 contestants mentor for this season on ABC. Or in our eyes - America's Mentor! 

Bones made his BTeam fanbase as well as loyal listeners of the Bobby Bones Show so proud as he appeared throughout the show sharing his wisdom on the entertainment industry. 

On tonight's episode (April 8) Bobby talked with 12 of the contestants sharing advice, hearing about their lives and working together to figure out how they can make it to the next level. 

All of the contestants from tonight's episode are pictured below with Bones. 

We pulled some of our favorite lessons from the episode and put them below for us to all watch over and over again so we can be a little more like Bones! 

Here are the things we learned on tonight's American Idol episode with mentor Bobby Bones:

"When you love something... you work harder at it," Bobby shared this piece of advice with Dominique.

When he dropped straight wisdom on Catie about leaving impressions.

Then talking about how zip codes don't define us and neither do our circumstances with Dennis.

When we saw the dance moves Bobby is ACTUALLY working with thanks to Michelle!

Teaching Michael about finding the artist he wants to be.

All of Twitter getting super emotional when Bones talked to Trevor about the loss of loved ones.

Learning that being nervous and freaking out is actually a good thing.

The difference between a good singer and a GREAT singer.

That having a little fun along the way is a good thing!

Having big goals are very important.

Confidence is actually a really good thing if mean what you say.  

Don't miss the next few episodes of American Idol as Bones will talk to the other 12 top contestants. Before then, below is Bobby giving us some juicy details about his role on American Idol and his thoughts after the first airing of his mentoring.