Bobby Bones and Katy Perry Are Not Feuding

Bobby Bones came back as a mentor for the Top 3 contestants on American Idol's season finale after mentoring the Top 24 earlier in the season. 

During the American Idol part one season finale Bobby was on, he was cheering on the Top 3 and encouraging them after a tough round 1 criticism by the judges. After Bobby's comment on stating that "the judges were too harsh," judge Katy Perry came back after the commercial break and openly disagreed with Bobby stating that she felt she needed to be honest with the contestants even if it was brutal.  

This all happened during the live show. Bobby was as taken back by the comment as we all were, tweeting that he was "glad to be the voice of the people."

Perry and Bones met afterward and despite some tension during the live show, they were all smiles and definitely still friends. 

Listen below to Bobby talk about the entire moment from American Idol below.

bobby on katy perry beef