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Amy Shares Heartbreaking News About Her Father

Amy recently traveled back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. She shared on the show this morning (June 28) the reason for the trip. She was meeting up with her sister and other family members for her father's surgery. He had recently been diagnosed with cancer. 

If you've followed the show for a while, you may know that #PIMPINJOY came from Amy's mother Judy who fought her hardest against cancer and with as much joy as possible for many years. Unfortunately, she passed away from the disease. 

Amy shared that her father being diagnosed with cancer is definitely hard to take after the events that happened to her mother. He has had to have many tumors removed from his throat, lymph nodes, and other places during the 7-hour surgery. He is in ICU for 2 days and in the hospital for a week where he will be on a feeding tube and then some treatment follow up for 6 weeks. 

Although hard on Amy and her family, she said, "It's not our first rodeo and we know what to do." Listen below to hear more on the story.

Amy - Talking About Father

Please send your love and prayers to Amy and her family during this difficult time.