Jon Pardi Shares Story About The Time He Was Stabbed

Bobby Bones brings in artists and songwriters to do a podcast from his house called The BobbyCast. In the latest episode, Jon Pardi stopped by. 

Pardi talked about his move from Northern California to Nashville to pursue his dream of being an artist and writing songs. He also shared some details about his upcoming new music saying it's a "little more countrier" than his old stuff. He thinks his fans will think it's fun and different and he's very excited to share it with them. 

People may have started to see his girlfriend show up on his Instagram page. Her name is Summerfawn and Pardi shared during the BobbyCast that he is in a good place with her. He feels like he has found the one that he can "be good" with. 

One of the most interesting moments during the podcast was Pardi sharing the scary moment he was stabbed. He got into a fight with a guy and that guy pulled out a knife. He stabbed Pardi 11 inches across the center of his stomach. Pardi ended up with scars across his stomach and the guy who did it ended up getting a felony and paying Pardi $8,000 two years later. 

Listen below to the full BobbyCast with Jon Pardi, plus catch up on previous episodes!

Photo: Getty Images