TMSG: Girl Fighting Cancer Gets 1,000 Postcards From Strangers & Tom Hanks

Aspen Kelly, a young Oklahoma girl, is currently battling leukemia. She's unable to do anything or go somewhere for her birthday so instead, her mother posted an ask on Facebook for people to send her some postcards. On September 1st, Aspen will celebrate her 13th birthday and she has already gotten more than 1,000 postcards so far.

The postcards have come from all over, one from each of the 50 states and more from at least 49 countries. However, one card that really stood out came from Greece. On it attached? A picture and note from the actor Tom Hanks.

The note read "I hope this arrives in time for your happy 13th birthday! Love you" then signed by Tom Hanks. 

Aspen has yet to receive the postcards, her mother says she will receive them all on her birthday. So until then, we can all celebrate how awesome people are and we hope they put a smile on Aspen's face!