Granger Smith Releases New Book From Earl Dibbles Jr

Granger Smith just released If You're City, If You're Country, a comedic book by his alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. The book focuses on poking fun at the two different ways of life, city, and country. 

The book takes readers through 50 different scenarios comparing how a city person compared to a country person would react to things. Smith shared on Bobby Bones Show that he's been thinking about the idea for a while and it's fun to see the book come to life.

Granger even did a "live book" reading while on the show. Giving us a taste of what it would be like to hear the audio of the book from Earl. The book also comes with a 5-song EP of Earl Dibbles Jr. tracks. 

Watch the full interview with Granger Smith (and Earl Dibbles Jr.) below!