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PHOTOS: Check Out These Adorable First Pictures Of Baby Box

Today, August 29th was supposed to be the big day in Lunchbox and his wife's household. This was the day they were supposed to become first-time parents. However, Baby Box had other plans. The little guy came six weeks early. He spent two weeks in the NICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, before being able to spend the next four weeks at home. 

Things have been going extremely well in the Box household complete with lots of feedings, naps, and adventures. In the four weeks, Baby Box has been home, he's done all the things babies tend to do, but naturally, Lunchbox thinks his baby is the cutest.

Today, we finally get the first look at Baby Box since his birth. Lunchbox is sharing the first pictures of him. In the pictures, you see his first day at home, his smiles, how he sleeps, his first bath time along with the first backyard adventure with dad.