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Bobby Talks about Judging Miss America For The First Time

The 2019 Miss America competition took place in Atlantic City last night (September 9). Along with judges Laila Ali, Jessie James Decker, Randy Jackson, Soledad O'Brien, Alli Webb, and Carnie Wilson, our own Bobby Bones was a judge on the show. 

Bones had the opportunity to judge the Miss America show for the first time. Outside of some behind the scenes videos posted to his Instagram page, Bones mostly kept his work on the television screen. He showed that he was excited to judge alongside Alli Webb, a new friend. He also posted a video hanging with popular music producer and television personality, Randy Jackson. 

When asked about what brought him to judge the competition, Bones said it had nothing to do with money, just a great opportunity. Listen below as Bones talks about the show!

Bones Miss America Judging