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Bobby & Sharna Burgess Reveal First Dance is the "Jive" for DWTS Premiere

Bobby Bones dancing partner from Dancing With The Stars - Sharna Burgess stopped by for her second appearance on Bones' radio show, The Bobby Bones Show.

Bones and Burgess talked about their trajectory going into the season premiere on Monday, September 24th. Burgess said that Bones improvements in two weeks alone have her feeling very confident. She noted that he might not even remember the first show or dance because most people will "blackout" during that first performance from all of the nerves built up. 

Burgess went on to say that Bones work ethic and dedication to figuring out each and every move are what she thinks will take them to the end of the competition. 

Since the announcement of the DWTS Season 27 cast, Burgess says that she's received a lot of new followers and most of them are Bones' coveted fans... The B-Team. She notes that they are full of positivity and are some of the most phenomenal people. 

Some spoilers were dropped during the interview below, Bones and Burgess will be doing the "Jive" for their first dance on the season premiere. The dance, Burgess says, "is the only one like it," it has unique steps and includes several kicks. The two will also be appearing tonight (September 21) in Las Vegas at our iHeartRadio Music Festival for some hosting duties. 

Sharna Interview Friday

Don't miss the Season 27 premiere on September 24th on ABC Network. Most importantly, be ready with your computers, phones, tablets and any other electronic device to vote Bones and Burgess AKA "Team Beauty and The Geek" into the next round! 

Voting will be available on Dancing With The Stars Facebook Page, DWTS Website and a phone number revealed night-of, so be ready!