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Bobby Talks About His 'Disrupting' Floss Move on Dancing With The Stars

Bobby Bones was announced as a celebrity on Season 27 of Dancing With The Stars. Last night (October 1) he and his partner Sharna Burgess completed their second dance the 'Foxtrot' to continue competing for the Mirrorball trophy. 

While the dance itself was loved by most of the viewers and the judges, there was the last component that had people talking... again. Bones popped right as the dance was about to end and did the popular "Floss" dance that has taken the Internet (mostly kids) by storm. Complete in his all-white tux, Bones rocked the floss as best as he could. 

Bones talked about the quite controversial moment on his radio show The Bobby Bones Show this morning (October 2) and stated that people were upset with him. Specifically, people were frustrated that his partner Burgess was surprised and mad at him. Bones wrote on Instagram to follow up his opinions on the show, 

My partner created a wonderful routine. And I did it ! It’s really cool to be stretched in different ways each dance. Having never danced, ever... it’s been pretty wild to see growth each week. I also think she thinks it’s wild that im living my best dancing life at this point and when it’s over; I’m so happy that I feel comfortable adding .00001% of me . Can’t wait to see where this takes us. Hopefully we make it through this week . So grateful for you guys voting . It’s fun to do dance. It’s fun to entertain and make people smile. We plan to continue doing both the rest of the year if you’ll let us! You never know what’s going to happen next! This is a cool pic. Also, my partner before the dance.... “do what you do, just don’t get naked”.

Listen to what Bones had to say and the opinions of his friends on the show.

Bobby Talks Floss On DWTS