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Dolly Parton is Just a "Low Tech Girl, Living in a High Tech World"

Dolly Parton is always involved in something. Her talents from songwriting, singing to acting keep her busy on all fronts of her career. Recently, Parton started working on a Netflix film with actress Jennifer Anniston called Dumplin. She came into the Bobby Bones Show to talk about her upcoming projects and share some more details about life right now. 

Parton shared that her recent project Dumplin is about an overweight girl and her struggles through life. She has written the soundtrack for the film and shared that she's been writing songs while putting on her makeup and taking baths. Her songwriting creative process is the same it's been since she started. Dumplin will be out at the end of the year while Parton's other Netflix Project called HeartStrings will be out in 2019. Her second project will be a series and the episodes are based on songs written by Parton.

Joking about technology, Parton said that she is a "low tech girl in a high tech world" and will only use her cell phone to make phone calls. She also shared that her outfits are inspired by her mood, she will pick an outfit based on her "color" mood for that day. Parton specified that she window shops and finds unique items, but for the most part, other people shop for her or she'll shop after hours at her friends' stores in Los Angeles. 

One thing you won't see Parton do often though is fly. She loves to travel but doesn't like the turbulence that comes with airplanes. If she has to fly, she will fly privately but ideally, she likes to travel by bus saying "I don’t want no higher up than pulling corn or lower down than digging taters."

On the subject of a "Dolly Parton Biopic," she shares that she has been asked about doing one and she considers every offer but has yet to say yes. When asked who would play her in the film, she says that Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland comes to mind. Another project Parton has her eyes on is "One Woman Show." But above all else, her new album is coming out November 30th. Parton also voiced that there is a sequel to 9 to 5 coming and with the latest movements right now, they all believed it was a good time for a sequel to that movie. 

Parton dished on her favorite songs to perform live and the two she shared were "I Will Always Love You" and "Jolene." Also, if you ever know that Parton is in your city for something, know she won't be wearing a disguise. She tried it once, but people know her voice too well.