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Amy's Doggie Llama Experience Was Unforgettable

Amy and her family lost their beloved family dog back in February of 2018. Recently, her family decided to adopt another dog. The fostered a black labradoodle from a local Nashville rescue team and at the time, the pup got incredibly sick from her previous situation and had to get brought back to good health. 

After she was doing better, Amy and her family got to adopt the dog and bring her home. Of course with adopting a dog comes some intense changes in the household and lots of training. Amy decided to bring in the "Doggie Llama," a dog expert that claims he only has to come once and your dog will behavior nearly perfect moving forward. 

Amy shared all of the details of how it was to have the Doggie Llama work with her family and their new pup. Listen below! 

Doggie Llama