Bobby Shares Feelings After Halloween Night & Receiving Low Scores On DWTS

Bobby Bones is a star on Season 27 of Dancing With The Stars. On Monday's show (October 29), Bones and his partner Sharna Burgess competed in another round for the mirror ball trophy, this time it was Halloween Night.

The duo danced their way through the Tango to a spooky version of the song "Mr. Sandman." Their dance was meant to depict a killer and a victim. Burgess acted as the victim with Bones as the scary Mr. Sandman. Although everyone seemed to enjoy the dance via tweets and votes, the judges shared differently. The judges gave Bones and Burgess a combined score of 22 despite their dance proving they deserved scores much higher.  

Bones took the judges scores personally. You could see it on his face during the live show and then again on his social media where he made a few remarks of disappointment. He took some time to process the situation and then today (October 31), he shared what he's been feeling. Mostly upset due to the fact that he feels he is putting in a lot of work and noticeably getting better at dancing. The judges are even noticing his progress, yet still giving him scores that are lower than several of the other couples. 

Listen below as Bones discusses the whole situation.

bobby feelings on DWTS

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