Lunchbox Gets Two Clues for His Big Surprise from Bobby

Bobby Bones has been planning a huge surprise for his co-host Lunchbox of The Bobby Bones Show. He has been teasing Lunchbox with clues and making Lunchbox guess what the big surprise is because he hasn't been able to share the news yet. 

It looks like the news will have to come soon though after Bones shared two clues with Lunchbox. The first clue is that it's not in Nashville and the second clue is that it happens in February. Because of those clues, Lunchbox thinks his surprise is the opportunity to flip the coin at The Super Bowl LIII on February 3rd with the New England Patriots vs. The Los Angeles Rams. However, the rest of the show isn't so sure. 

Listen below to all of the guessing go down!

Lunchbox's Big Surprise Clues From Bobby