Colton Underwood Spills Secrets About His Time On The Bachelor

Colton Underwood is currently taking over the hearts of America on national television by handing out roses to those he likes on ABC's The Bachelor. However, the show is done filming and while the world awaits the decision he ultimately makes in the finale, Underwood is spending his time flying under the radar and working on his Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation that helps families dealing with cystic fibrosis.

A recent project Underwood was part of involved the popular boy band O-Town. Underwood met Jacob Underwood of O-Town years ago at a function seemingly bonding over their same last names. They kept touch ever since and just recently, linked together to do a song where all the proceeds go to the Legacy Foundation. Underwood tells The Bobby Bones Show that the song is an anthem for anyone struggling for anything going on in their life. The song is called "Hello World" and it will be released on February 22nd. You'll hear Colton's voice on the tune as well, hidden, but definitely there.

Shifting the conversation to The Bachelor, Bobby Bones and his co-hosts asked Underwood questions regarding the realities of the show. Underwood dished that there are certain things he's had to abide by, but that comes with being on television. He's never had an ear piece in while on the show and when it comes to memorizing all of the names, especially at the beginning... he would walk out of the room after 3 or 4 girls to find out the next names, and continue this cycle until he had them all down. There is a drink limit for everyone on the show, they can only have 2 drinks per hour. In keeping everything as authentic as possible, Underwood had no idea about anything going on in the house or anything about the girls. The only information he got was from the questions he asked them.

The producers were only involved in the relationships between Underwood and the women when it was to push or develop a relationship, but never actually got into the middle of things because he says "it's one of those things thats bigger than the show itself." He enjoyed meeting with the date producers and date team before the show started, as he was always a 'play it safe' kind of guy, so the dates were risk-focused and did things that conquered some of Underwood's fears. Those include bungee jumping, holding snakes and dressing up as a pirate. Those fancy dinners you always see them on? They don't actually get to eat the food you see on camera. They have a pre-dinner date to the actual dinner date you see on television. Still though, Underwood confessed about his time on the show sharing that he gained 15 pounds, mostly blaming it on the show's time in Asia. He said he ate all of the noodles and sodium while visiting.

Underwood also offered up some advice to anyone who may be considering doing The Bachelor/Bachelorette. His advice was that the show isn't for everyone, but it allowed him to take time out of his life to specifically focus on a romantic relationship and that was good for him.

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