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Lunchbox's Surprise From Bobby Finally Revealed

Lunchbox of The Bobby Bones Show has been waiting in months of anticipation for his big surprise reveal from Bobby Bones. At the end of 2018, Bones kept bringing up something about an event that he, Amy and Lunchbox would be doing and it was a huge deal. It wasn't until today (February 15) on the show that Bones finally got to reveal to Lunchbox the huge surprise.

Bobby, Amy and Lunchbox will all be taping Celebrity Family Feud this Sunday. Joining their team will be Lauren Alaina and Jon Pardi. They will be going up against Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker and their family. While we don't know when the show will air yet, the taping happens this weekend so it can only be a matter of months.

Watch below as Lunchbox finds out the surprise!