Bobby Gives Update On First Date With Flight Attendant

Bobby Bones is living his best life. He's doing his radio show and currently the full time mentor on the latest season of American Idol. One area of his life that's not so much thriving is his dating life. Lately, he's been going on some dates to try to make some things happen. Recently, on a flight to Los Angeles for taping of American Idol there was a flight attendant flirting with him. It turned into a whole situation where Bones left his Instagram handle on a napkin for her, listeners tracked her down and she ended up direct messaging him.

Now, she's flying to Nashville for work and made a layover happen so she could go on a date with Bones. The night so happens to fall on the same night as Bones is telling jokes at the Grand Ole Opry. Listen below for the full update!

Bobby Flight Attendant Update

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