Lunchbox Got Mad At Someone For Being In Bobby's Parking Spot

Bobby Bones recently just signed a new contract with the company to continue doing The Bobby Bones Show and in that contract included a parking spot for him. Since the contract was signed, everyone on the show wanted to make sure the parking spot was enforced to everyone in the building particularly Lunchbox. Lunchbox has set out to make sure that no one parks in the spot and if they do, their car will be booted and they have to pay him $75 to get it off.

There hasn't been many run ins with cars parking in the spot since Lunchbox's first threat of the boot, but recently a red van parked in the spot after Bones left for the day. Lunchbox wasn't able to find his boot, but he did make sure to leave a note to the person who parked there... to never park in it again.

Lunchbox makes sure to always have Bones back, especially in this situation because it means a payday.

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