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Bobby's Dating Life Took A Turn

Bobby Bones dating life in recent weeks has been pretty active. He's been on dates with two different women, who both had a lot of potential as possible girlfriends. As it turns out, both of the women really didn't end up working out for Bones.

The first was his flight attendant situation. Bones met a flight attendant when he was traveling from Nashville to California, she ended up coming into Nashville on a layover and Bones took her to the Grand Ole Opry for his stand up show. He confessed that the date went really well, but wasn't sure it would work out because it was long distance. She lived in another state. Bones ended up deciding to end things due to the distance.

The other was another woman he went out on a few dates with and the women who met Bones and Morgan2 out for their dancing night on Broadway. Bones sent her a text message after she didn't follow up on a hang out session. The text he sent read, "I’m in town mostly for the next few weeks. Let me know if we trying to date a little and see if we like each other or nah. Too sporadic right now." Everyone on the show was giving him a really hard time for the text, saying it was a little too direct. Listen below to the whole thing unravel.

Bobby's Dating Life Is Non Existent

Either way, Bones is back on the dating game to find some new potential partners since the last two didn't quite workout.