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Shots Fired Directly Into Raymundo's New Apartment

Raymundo of The Bobby Bones Show was at his new apartment in West Nashville with his girlfriend Laura when the unexplainable happened.

Laura left the TV on after she decided to go take a bath while Raymundo was asleep, minutes later a shot was fired into their apartment. The shot went through their window over their couch hitting their television and ricocheting into their kitchen. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the shot was about five feet from hitting their cat, Sully. This happened just days after Raymundo and his girlfriend moved into the new place. The police arrived to check things out, but as of right now the person responsible has not been caught.

Their story broke in the local news of Nashville. From Fox 17 Nashville to News Channel 5 and WSMV News 4, they covered the story about Raymundo and Laura's unfortunate situation. Some even addressing him as Raymundo instead of his real name as Ray.

Raymundo exclusively talked about what happened, their emotions during the whole thing, as well as what's to come with that apartment. Listen below.