A Gas Station Car Jacking Turns Victim Into A Kidnapper

Bare with me here, this story is pretty wild! Surveillance footage caught a Chevrolet SUV pull into a Columbus, Ohio gas station. The driver exits the car, leaves the car running, and enters the gas station store. Seconds later a woman (who is not the owner of the SUV) hops in the car and speeds away.

The owner of the car notices his vehicle has been stolen and tries to run after his car. Desperate and frantic, he hops in a silver Toyota and drives away following his stolen car.

Are you keeping up with the details? So the man who is in pursuit of his stolen car has also stolen a car but get this... there was a woman sitting in the passenger seat who believes she has now been kidnapped. Maryam Diye, the passenger of the Toyota, says she feared for her life and jerked the car wheel in an attempt to stop the driver.

This caught the attention of a police officer who understood the situation and dropped Maryam off at the gas station where she was originally taken with her car. The stolen SUV was eventually found and returned to it's owner. The car jacker has since been identified as well.

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