The Show Is (Kind Of) Still Succeeding In New Years Resolutions

The 'New Year' is a time where everyone gives their resolution. Something they want to work on, change, improve on, etc. At the start of the new year the Bobby Bones Show crew gave their resolutions and below is a reminder of what their resolution is along with an update on how they're doing!

BOBBY: Comment and like more Instagram pictures

Bobby's resolution was to get more involved and comment/like more Instagram pictures. With his busy schedule and demanding social life, Bobby wanted to make sure he was keeping up with social media. And in the new year... he is!

AMY: Be more organized

Amy wanted to start the new year cleansing herself of clutter and in doing so she decided to be more organized with her calendar. Well, Amy has stuck to her word and has synced up her calendar with her husbands' and things are going good.

EDDIE: Paying off debt

Eddie was $20,000 in debt at the start of the new year but has now paid 3 payments of $1,500 which is on pace for paying off his debt by next New Years!

LUNCHBOX: Keeping his car clean

Lunchbox's resolution was to keep his car clean... and guess what? His car is STILL clean! Despite skepticism from Bobby, Lunchbox has kept his car spotless since New Years.

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