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Eddie and His Wife Are Now Foster Parents

During The Bobby Bones Show this morning one of the show members shared a huge life changing moment happening in their lives right now. And no it isn't an April Fools Joke despite it being April 1st. Eddie shared that he and his wife have been talking about adopting. Recently they were at church, a person came through and talked about adoption and fostering. Eddie's wife used to work in Child Services for several years so she has seen the impact fostering can make for kids.

They decided to further pursue adoption and start with fostering kids. After months of waiting, they finally had two kids come through that needed a foster family. So Eddie, his wife and their two children welcomed in a young child as well as a newborn.

While things were a bit stressful at first, Eddie says his family is really loving the whole foster situation. The news was shared on The Bobby Bones Show and everyone is incredibly excited for Eddie and his family! Listen below.

Eddie Foster Parents