Lunchbox Reveals His Tax Return For This Year

Every year Lunchbox sends in his taxes. It's a whole ordeal on The Bobby Bones Show because Lunchbox claims a lot of things personally and professionally in his taxes. He typically always gets a massive tax return.

In 2015, Lunchbox received $11,000 back in his return. The following year he received $9,643 and then the next year received $11,234. How he does it? He always says he just finds ways to claim the things that are able to be claimed.

So this year's reveal was a big one because now he and his wife have had their first child, which typically takes away from tax returns. He just received his tax return back from 2018 and it actually was just as big as before, despite having Baby Box. The big number for Lunchbox's tax return was $10,487. Listen below as he reveals it.

Lunchbox Tax Return

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