Keith Urban Confirms Popular Lyric In "You'll Think Of Me" For Bobby

On The Bobby Bones Show, we were talking about song lyrics that are often misheard. We talked about all kinds of country songs that people often think they're singing correctly, but are actually wrong.

One of those songs was Keith Urban's "You'll Think Of Me." We were talking about the lyric line:

But you'll think of me // And take your cap and leave my sweater // 'Cause we have nothing left to weather

Most people think the song is meant to say "take your cap and leave my sweater," but Urban finally squashed all theories after hearing the topic get brought up on the radio show through a text with Bones.

Urban also posted a video to Twitter pointing to his cap while shaking his head, then turning the video to a cat with a thumbs up. The video was captioned, "take your cat. @mrbobbybones."