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Ingrid Andress Once In Metal Band, Now Performs Own Sound In Nashville

Ingrid Andress isn't a new artist on the music scene, but she may be a new voice to some people. From Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Andress decided to move to Nashville on her own about five years ago. Her father, was a professional baseball coach for the Colorado Rockies as well as once for the New York Mets and Detroit Tigers. Because of that, she was homeschooled for awhile growing up by her mother as they traveled often for her dad's work.

Andress stopped by The Bobby Bones Show after Bones played her song "Lady Like" on air. Jake Owen and Ryan Hurd both texted Bones after the on air play saying they were fans of the song and this newer artist. Andress confessed that piano is her thing, mostly because she played drums for awhile and it never quite went well. Growing up, she was what some consider an "emo kid" and liked bands Coldplay and Evanescence. She even started a metal band in middle school, but the band faded out after a short time.

Kara Dioguardi was one of Andress' mentors and teachers at Berklee College of Music where she really hashed out her songwriting talents. Andress says she doesn't stick to just one genre of music, she likes going to Los Angeles to write for pop artists as well as writing in Nashville for the country music industry.

Watch Ingrid Andress' first performance on The Bobby Bones Show as well as her interview below!