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Keith Urban Didn't Know New Song "We Were" Was Co-Written By Eric Church

Keith Interview On BBS

Barely one full year after the release of his tenth studio album Graffiti U, Keith Urban is back with new music. This morning (May 13) he dropped a new song called "We Were" that was world premiering on The Bobby Bones Show all morning long.

Urban talked with Bobby Bones about the new song release as well as a few stories that have recently come out about Urban. The new song "We Were" was produced by Urban as well as Dan Huff and co-written by Ryan Tindell, Jeff Hyde, and Eric Church. The song was sent to Urban by one of his song finders and it wasn't until Urban recorded and finished the song that he found out fellow country artist Church was a writer on it. Urban called up Church after they finished and Church was so happy that Urban had cut the song without knowing he was a writer on it because it meant Urban genuinely loved the song.

At the 2019 ACM Awards, Keith Urban won the big award of the night for Entertainer of the Year and his face when he found out he won was of pure shock. Urban said he "can't stress enough" to Bones that "Legit. My reaction was exactly how I felt inside." Urban went to celebrate the big win at his record label's afterparty and then went home, which he joked "was probably a good thing."

On the controversy that is the song "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X, Bones asked Urban if he would officially comment on whether the song was a country song. Especially after Urban covered the song shortly after it sparked tons of controversy. Urban said he wouldn't fall into that trap, but he does think the song itself is country, but he went on further to say, "If you're talking about the recording they're different things. You have to separate a song from a recording. [...] it really depends who sang the song."

Just recently, Urban was in the news because he had to catch an Uber to a show with his band after their flight in Florida got cancelled. He shared that their driver didn't speak any English and he didn't imagine that he knew who Urban was at all despite Urban using his very own Uber app to make the trip. Urban also confessed that he's never once had a driver recognize him, or at least say anything to him in the car.