Lauren Alaina Confirms Relationship With Comedian John Crist

Lauren Alaina has been posting a lot on her Instagram Story with a Christian Comedian named John Crist. Many people thought the two of them were just friends until the posts started to become more and more frequent. They were spending a lot of time together and situations that looked like dates. So Alaina stopped by The Bobby Bones Show recently to talk about her life lately. She started off by answering questions by a super-fan about her constant energy at shows and the animal she'd choose as an emotional support animal would be a sloth.

During her time on the show, Alaina had also brought Crist with her who was hanging out in the hall. Bones brought him in and the two officially shared that they're an item. We learned a lot about their relationship and Crist during their time on the show together. Crist was home-schooled, his dad was a preacher, he worked at Chick-fil-A, and now he's a successful Christian Comedian. The two met because Alaina slid into Crist's direct messages over a funny Instagram story video. The two joked about their first encounter and Christ's response being a bit cryptic because of her blue verification badge.

Alaina confessed she was nervous about making the official announcement, but she shared that she's 'constantly laughing' with Crist and they're always having a great time.

Congrats to the adorable happy new couple!

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