Lunchbox Now Wants To Rent Tesla For High School Reunion

Lunchbox Tesla HS

Lunchbox's ten year high school reunion is coming up in Texas. For months he's been talking about showing up to the high school reunion in style so that way he can show off his successful life. He was the prom king and wants to make sure people still know he's thriving in life. After finding out it costs about $1,500 to rent a Lamborghini for just one day, he decided to look at another option.

Now he's focusing his attention on renting a Tesla because they're the latest "buzz word" aka they're the hottest car right now. He decided to bring it to The Bobby Bones Show where Amy originally thinks Lunchbox should do it if it's going to make him happy. Bobby Bones says he shouldn't do it and should just show up as himself because that's the coolest. Our listeners are also siding with Bones saying Lunchbox should just bring his own car.

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