Girl Group Debates Whether It's Ok To Kiss On First Dates

The Girl Group on The Bobby Bones Show consisting of Amy, Morgan2, and Hillary was brought in to talk about a question that came through Bobby's mailbag. A listener was having an issue with a girl that he just went on a first date with.

The mailbag read:

I just went on a first date with this girl, the date was really great, and we had great conversation. We left each other at the end of the night and the next morning she texted me asking "why didn't you kiss me?" I am confused because I didn't know kissing on the first date was ok, and I didn't want to push it. Now i'm wondering if I made a mistake.

Amy said that when she was dating she would kiss on the first date, but she says it's not something you have to do. She said you have to do what your'e comfortable with and if it the mood is there. Morgan2 said she recommends kissing on the first date, because it can show a lot of chemistry or non-existent chemistry between the two of you. She also said that it's not something you can force though, because that can be awkward too. Hillary said she was kissed on the two first dates she went on and that made her not go out with the guys again. She says she doesn't think kissing on the first date should happen.

Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones

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