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Walker Hayes Performs His Song "Don't Let Her" In Front Of Wife Laney

Walker Hayes just released the ultimate love song for every person in a relationship. It's called "Don't Let Her" and he wrote it about his wife Laney, down to every word. The song is about if he were to pass away, these are the things the next man to love his wife should know.

The Bobby Bones Show brought on Walker Hayes to talk and perform the new song as well as had him bring his wife Laney to get her perspective. Hayes and his wife talked also about their lives with six kids and how they came to have such a romantic love story. They started dating when Hayes was 17 and Laney was 18. They were on and off for awhile, having a year off after college graduation. Hayes says they are both very volatile, they fight loud and love loud. On their first date, Hayes found a genie (construction site machine) that had a key in it and they jacked it up, sat on top of it and talked for hours.

With one of their kids, during labor it was happening so fast that they left the rest of their kids to color with the nurses while they quickly had the other baby. They said having a big family is amazing and now they're at the point where the kids can watch each other and they don't have to hire a babysitter.

On the topic of Hayes' songs, Laney said that she's a bit desensitized to every song he brings home. Hayes says that she sent a crying emoji face back to him after he sent her a lyric to "Don't Let Her" and that alone was such a big deal. The two songs that have really gotten Laney are his songs "Halloween" and "Don't Let Her." Hayes also confessed that one of his big goals is to get on the cover of Men's Health Magazine, but his body won't go any further. He feels like he's reached his total body peak. His body goal and idol is Dwayne Johnson.

Watch his performance of "Don't Let Her" as Laney watches on, on our Instagram TV Channel here.