Amy's Pile: CPR Mannequins Are Getting Breasts To Save Womens' Lives

A new product is hitting the market and it's goal is to combat the disparity between genders receiving CPR from bystanders. The 'Womanikin" is putting breasts on CPR mannequins to teach life saving procedures on a woman. Studies show that men are more likely to receive life saving intervention over women due to their flat chest.

Because CPR is traditionally taught on flat-chested dummies, people don't know how to handle women in dire circumstances. The 2018 American Heart Association’s Resuscitation Science Symposium determined that women are 27 percent less likely to receive CPR because bystanders have the misconception that "breasts make CPR more challenging".

This product is a fabric sleeve with breasts that slip over flat chested CPR dummies and the hope is that this product will be used in every CPR training course. You can also download the the design if you wanted to make this product at home.

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