Bobby Won't Stop Being Authentic About His Life Now

Bobby Being Authentic

Bobby Bones grew up in the small town of Mountain Pine, Arkansas where he dealt with many hardships as a child. As he got older, he put himself through college and started working in radio very early on doing as many odd jobs as possible just to have a chance at a spot on air. Fast forward to 2019 where Bones is a two time New York Times Best Selling Author, Dancing With The Stars Season 27 Champion, American Idol Mentor, Comedian, Artist, and of course, the host of the massive country radio morning show The Bobby Bones Show.

His life has changed dramatically since he was first on air in Nashville even just five years ago. Well, naturally, his stories have also changed. He is successful now and has great relationships with the country artists in his radio's realm after not only being on tour with some of them, but from working with them on many events. He talks about his experiences with the listeners. One of Bones' bosses called him and asked him to stop talking about his 'famous friends' because it doesn't make him sound relatable. It didn't sit well with him because he felt if he didn't tell those stories, then he wasn't being authentically himself and he wasn't telling honest stories about his life.

He ultimately said, "I don't think I'm ever right. I just know my story." Listen above to get the full grasp of Bones 'up on his pedestal' talking about staying authentic to himself despite what he's being asked.

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