The Bachelorette Hannah B Talks The Hardest Part Of Show

The Bachelorette with Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones sat down with The Bachelorette Hannah Brown also known as "Alabama Hannah" or "Hannah B." He joked that he couldn't be the bachelor because he can't keep a secret. Bobby would have a hard time not telling everyone the outcome of the show.

Hannah said that is probably the hardest part of the show. Afterwards you tend to isolate yourself because you want to share all the details to your friends and family, but you also want to keep the shows integrity in tact. Her immediate family knows the outcome but other than that she's keeping tight lipped and it's very hard.

Before becoming the bachelorette, Hannah was on the previous season of the bachelor with Colton Underwood. She was sent home in the final episodes and she explained how difficult that was for her. She now realizes that she did not care for Colton the way she thought she did but it still hurt to be sent home after giving your all into a relationship. Bobby asked if after knowing how hurtful it is to be sent home does she feel bad sending guys home each week? Hannah responded with yes but also no. She said it is definitely hard knowing you're sending guys home who gave their all and want the relationship to work so badly. However, if she isn't as invested it's only fair to let them go and give them their chance to find someone who will give it their all.

Aside from sharing details on her crazy dating life, Hannah told Bobby that she is a huge country music fan. Growing up her favorite artists were Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, and Keith Urban. She thinks Keith Urban is very nice and very pretty! Currently, she is in love with Kacey Musgraves' latest album, 'Golden Hour'.

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